Impact GFC currently has 24 teams for the Fall 2017 season.  Locally we compete in several Ohio South Youth Soccer Association (OSYSA) leagues, such as the Elite Players League (EPL) for our younger ages, the Greater Cincinnati Soccer League (GCSL) for many of our teams, the Buckeye Premiere Soccer League (BPYSL)  for some of our more talented teams, and The Premiere League (TPL) and the Ohio South State League (OSSL) for our elite status teams.  

You will also see these teams competing in tournaments throughout the country.  In the past teams have competed as far west as Kansas and as far south as Florida. 

  • 2011 (Youth Development Academy) 
  • 2010 (Blue)
  • 2009 (Blue, Gray)
  • 2008 (Blue, Gray, Navy, White)
  • 2007 (Blue, Gray, Navy, Boys)
  • 2006 (Blue, Gray)
  • 2005 (Blue, Gray, Navy)
  • 2004 (Blue, Gray, Navy, Yellow) 
  • 2003 (Academy, Gray, Burkey)