Club soccer requires commitment from both players and parents.  When your child accepts a spot on their team, they are required to commit to play in the Fall and Spring seasons.


Yes, we encourage our players to be involved in other sports and activities. While it may take away from potential soccer training time, our philosophy is that it will help them learn other skills, develop additional muscle groups and reduce stress from repetitive motion, and will keep their interest in soccer longer.  All we ask is that you don’t take advantage of this freedom/flexibility and make sure you treat both sports/activities as equals.

U7-U8 TEAMS (Birth Years 2013 & 2014)

These are our academy development teams and play in the Elite Players League (EPL).  Players are rostered on one team (per age group) that train and play together.  We feel that every child develops at different times and this gives the coaches time to evaluate each player before placing them on a more competitive team.  Player fees are $125 and include both Fall and Spring season and two uniform shirts.

U9-U18 TEAMS (Birth Years 2003 – 2012)

These teams are divided by skill and competitiveness.  Our older teams will compete in several leagues around the Cincinnati area.

FEES (U9-U18 teams)

Team fees typically range between $300 – $450 per season, plus a one time non-refundable commitment fee of $125 that is required to hold the spot for both seasons.  Payment plans are available.  The commitment fee is collected when the player accepts a spot on the team.  Some of our top level older teams may pay more as they will be playing in multiple leagues and usually more tournaments.  The player fee includes league, player, tournament, referee and misc. fees. Uniform costs are separate and are approximately $185.  Uniforms typically are purchased every two years.


Most of the teams will have 1 1/2 hour training sessions twice a week.  Optional skills training is offered once a week for every team throughout the year, including winter (indoors, of course). Practices are held within the Loveland/Miami Township/Symmes Township area.


Fall season runs from beginning of August through late October. Spring season runs from beginning of March through late May.  Most teams offer optional winter playing opportunities.


Most league games are played on Saturdays or Sundays, with the exception of a few weeknight games during the season.  Games are played throughout the Greater Cincinnati area.  Our older, more competitive teams, will have a few games in the Columbus and Dayton area.  Teams will typically play in 15-20 games a seasons (which includes tournaments).


Teams will typically play in at least two tournaments per season. We encourage our older teams to participate in some out of town tournaments for team bonding and to make memories for the girls.


There will be no physical tryouts for the upcoming Fall season due to Covid-19.  Once your daughter is offered a spot on a team, they are rostered on that team for one full year (Fall and Spring season).  We will hold supplemental try-outs in early November if a team has roster spots available.

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